This form is for Its for people who love to cross stitch Anime, Video Games, Japanese, Geeky, and or Nerdy patterns.
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 Update! 8/30/09

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PostSubject: Update! 8/30/09   Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:20 pm

The first wave of pattern donations is finally finished! Thank you to all who donated your patterns, you have given 1337 XStitch a great starting point.

missy-tannenbaum has graciously accepted the position of our first forum moderator. She is knowledgeable about creating patterns, very nice, and runs her own blog (Dork Stitch which you can find on the links page, be sure to check it out) and I think she is going to make a great member of the team.

I am going to start sending out invitations again for the site. If you receive a second invitation I do apologize in advance. I have no specific way of sending them I'm just looking for people who do themed cross stitching. Be sure to tell any of your friends who do themed cross stitching to check out the site.

I can't wait to see the rest of the patterns you guys have for the site. Have a great day and thanks for reading and posting on the forums!
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Update! 8/30/09
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