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 Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.

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Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.  Empty
PostSubject: Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.    Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.  I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 8:13 pm

SO YESTERDAY, after I get home from school, I'm sittin' at my desk and my mother says to me, "I bet you won't get a tattoo TODAY," So I jumped up outta my set and said 'LETS GO,'

Now, at first, I figured she was more or less joking when I saw her reaction to my reaction, because I was serious. We talked about a new tattoo that my nephew wants, he wants to add his little sister's name to his collection of names, which includes his mother and both of his grandmothers. And sense this started out with mom challanging me, we talked about the tattoo I wanted to get to be my first one.

So after chatting and laughing about this for a few, me, my mother, and my older sister (who is my nephew's mother) get in the car just to price the tattoo shops around this area. Well we didn't stop at priceing tattoos.

After the second shop we went to, Old Tyme Tattoo, here in Titusville, Florida. My mother, my older sister and myself all came out with brand new tattoos.

My older sister and I have matching dragon eyes drawn by our younger sister, and my mom has a new set of vines going from her shoulder to her hand to add to the vines and the Greenman on her back.

Holy shit my family can be crazy w/ spur of the moment ideas. I guess it wasn't TO spur of the moment, I've been wanting a tattoo sense my early teens, my older sister wanted one, and my mom has been wanting to extend her's for a very long time as well. It was just random that we decided to do it yesterday. XD

Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.  Photo_00002-1

Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.  Photo_00005
Part of Mom's

Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.  Photo_00004-2
Another part of Mom's

Mom's extends from her hand to her shoulder. She'll have to go back later and get it colored in.
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Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.    Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.  I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 4:39 pm

Oh, those look pretty cool, and classy, too! I wish your mom the best of luck when she goes back to get hers colored in! (I'm always a little concerned when I hear that people get tattoos, because I know two girls who have gotten giant screaming bald eagles across their backs, totally independently of one another, oddly enough, and in both cases, it is a terrifying effect.)
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Don't dare me. I'll probably do it.
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